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 We provide fast, efficient and careful delivery of your packages at an affordable rate.

Founded in 1986, we have over 30 years of experience providing exceptional courier services in Calgary and surrounding areas. You can be sure that our experienced and professional couriers will handle your package with care and deliver it in a timely manner.

With our wide range of services, we make your days easier. Our dependable fleet of vehicles consists of bikes, cars, vans and five ton trucks to accommodate your every shipping requirement; no package is too big or too small!

We offer Hot Shot service to any destination in Alberta.

Don't waste another minute with your time-sensitive deliveries, call us today!

We make it easy for you to place your orders with a simple online order entry and friendly operators ready to listen to your specific needs and dispatch a vehicle right away.

No account required – we accept cash, Visa and Master card for your convenience.

 We strive to make your day a little easier. Let us do the running around, it's what we're good at! 

Don’t settle for a no-name courier service. Your documents are your personal property and you deserve to have confidence in the company delivering them! With our proven track record of reliability and competence, you can rest easy knowing that you made an educated choice of couriers. 

You can trust our licensed and insured couriers with all of your delivery needs.

Our friendly, uniformed drivers are knowledgeable and respectful.

The personable staff at Citywide endeavor to make your courier experience a pleasant one.

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Delivery Services for any Situation

We offer a broad range of courier services including: 

Same Day Service:

Regular Service  

Rush Service 

Direct Rush Service

Hot Shot Service:

We can deliver to any point in Alberta. A driver is dispatched immediately to take care of your delivery.