We offer a broad range of services to customize your courier experience.

We know that individual shipping requirements vary with each person, so you can trust the experienced couriers at City Wide to tailor our services for you.

From envelopes to pallets, no delivery is too big or too small! We handle each and every client’s packages with the same level of care and urgency, so you never have to worry about your parcels falling to the bottom of some to-do list. We dispatch drivers immediately after we receive a request for delivery, so you can take comfort in knowing that your case is dealt with right away.

Fast & Reliable

With our carefully planned traffic routes and efficient modes of transportation, we don’t waste a minute when it comes to delivering your packages. We know that time is money, so let us do the driving and sitting in traffic while you take care of your more important duties! You can have faith in the experienced couriers at City Wide with all your delivery needs – whether you have a small package you need sent to the other side of the city, or large and bulky items, we have you covered.

Friendly & Personalised service

Our couriers are our most valuable assets. They are passionate about our company and dedicated to providing exceptional service to our clients. They understand the stress of needing important documents and packages delivered as soon as possible, and they do everything in their power to ensure that it gets there in time, safe and secure. They wear their City Wide uniforms with pride and always go the extra mile to make sure our clients feel prioritized.

Careful & Efficient

With our fleet of delivery vehicles, we have the ability to choose the right option for the job. If you need a pallet of items delivered, we have five ton trucks with power lift tail gates to accomodate it. If you have a small envelope, we may opt for a bicycle delivery or use a fuel-efficient car for the trip. We endeavor to be as environmentally friendly and efficient as possible, and so we try to use bikes for smaller packages and vans for larger ones. Regardless of the mode of transportation, our couriers handle each and every package with gentleness, and security is their number one priority.

Below is a list of time frames that our clients have come to expect & appreciate:


Same Day Service:

Provided to Calgary and surrounding areas.

Regular Service 3 - 4 hours service
Rush Service 2 hours service
Direct Rush Service 75 minutes
Critical point A to point B

Please note that rush hour, traffic accidents, bad road conditions and other factors that are out of our control, may affect total times.


Hot Shot Service:

Provided anywhere in Alberta.

- driver dispatched immediately

- delivery time = actual driving time, + one hour

- anywhere in Alberta

Whether you need an emergency part for a quick repair or an important document delivered accross the province, City Wide's Hot Shot Service ensures quick delivery for all your time-sensitive needs.


Legal Courier Service:

Provided anywhere in Alberta.

- privacy is valued and respected

- timeliness is priority

- vital documents kept secure

Online Benefits

When you use City Wide's online customer services, you will enjoy:

- Real-Time Tracking of your products

- Proof of Delivery

- Auto-Fill Addresses

- Print Waybills

- Check courier cost before proceeding to check-out

- Direct communication with drivers so you know right away if there are any questions or concerns.

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